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Manu amazon wildlife trips 6 Days

momotoserranoWe will pick you up around 5:30am from your hotels in Cusco, using the service of our private transport. The first part of our excursion will take us though the majestic Andean mountains, where we will take a quick opportunity to visit a really nice pleasant lake by the name of Huacarpay, a high Andean lagoon that boasts heaps 0f flora and fauna typical of the Andean mountains. Afterwards, we will visit the town of Huancarani which contains the funeral towers of Ninamarca a cemetery of the lupaca Pre – Inca Culture, which we will visit briefly on our way to Paucartambo, which is known as folkloric capital of the district of Cusco. In the face of modern times, this small colonial village has managed to hold on to its rich tradition for centuries upon. At mid-day we will arrive at the entrance of Manu National Park and access to one of the most protected natural areas in South America. We will continue on in our private transport down a dirt road and through the thick fog from which this section of the forest takes its name. Eventually we will arrive at the home of the exotic Peruvian National Bird, the “Cock of the Rock” where it is known to gather with Manu National Park Explorer others of its kind for some sort of social gathering that seems reminiscent of a large courtship. You will find that this is quite an amazing spectacle complete with an impressive array of sounds and colours that can only be found in the jungle. For our first night, we will stay in the beautiful Mirador Amazon Lodge where we will arrive at approx.5:00p.m.

squirrelmonkeyAfter eating breakfast continue the trip by bus through the high forest arriving to Atalaya which is found next to Madre de Dios river (700 meters above sea level). From Atalaya we leave by boat to “Manu Rainforest Lodge”. During the boat trip we will see many different kinds of animals, especially birds and beautiful scenery, and also have time to go and visit a beautiful lake called “Machuwasi” there have the opportunity to catch a raft built naturally original driftwood and then we went to the lake to watch the birds and the famous (world’s largest rodent) called Capibara and many birds of different species, then we will walk to go exploring around the lake “Machuwasi” and then later continue our boat trip until we reached Manu Rainforest Lodge, in the afternoon we arrive to our lodge at 5:00 pm, where we will have a short break. At night we went for a night walk in the jungle in search of spiders, insects and snakes. Also at night, we explore the forest by flashlight in search of insects, snakes and night-monkey or night only ‘Douricouli’. We spent the night in the Manu Rainforest Lodge. Our beautiful, comfortable lodge

After breakfast we take our boat to continue our journey down the river about 5 hours more deep in the jungle till the (black river wildlife center) during the trip will have the opportunity to see monkeys like, howler monkey, titi monkey, squirrel monkeys, spider monkeys, and also some animals like, capybara, wild pig, Caymans, deer, and if we are lucky we will see the famous Jaguar, puma, and also we can see many birds as heron, cormorants, giant toucans, oropendulas, eagle harpy, falcons, parrots, parakeets, macaws  and during the trip we will also be on lookout for a large family of Giant Otters that inhabit this river and we arrive at the “Black River” in the afternoon and then  we will have a walk in the forest  in a wild road looking for some animals to  see as monkeys, crocodiles, parrots, macaws, harpy eagle and many others animals but all depending on luck. After dark we will have another opportunity to see some caiman eye.  In the evening we will build a bonfire, relax and have some drinks.  We will spend the night at the bank of Black River in camping (tents)

DAY 4 “BLACK RIVER” WILDLIFE CENTER – RESERVE ECOLOGICAL “ROBLES” (tree house, mammal’s clay lick, parrots and macaw clay lick)
on this day we will explore the famous “Black River Wildlife Center” we find in the middle of the forest and away from-raising, in this jungle walk in wonderful wild paths,
where we have other opportunities to see animals like monkeys, wild pig , macaws, tapirs, birds, jaguars, Caymans, many other more, all depending on how lucky we are. Then after lunch we will have free time to relax, and then we will bathe and swim in the waters of the black river. After that we take our boat and we return downstream to “Reserve Ecological Robles”. during the trip on the river also will have other opportunities to see monkeys of different species like the howler monkey, titi monkey, spider monkeys, squirrel monkeys, and we arrive at 5:30 to capibara“R.E. Robles” is there where we will spend the fourth night in the Tree House. After dark we will have another opportunity to do a night walk to see some caiman eyes in the water, also in the evening we will build a bonfire, relax and have some drinks and a BBQ.  We will spend the night at beautiful confortable Tree House( Tapir Clay Lick)
Reserve Ecological  ROBLES has 550 hectares is a very special rainforest: this is where the Andes and the lowland tropical Manu rainforest meet and provides the visitor with a chance to see a good selection of birds and plants from both zones as endemics to the area. Your first hike will be on the lowland trails, at 350m above sea level. Also at night, we explore the forest by flashlight looking for insects, snakes and the uniquely nocturnal night-monkey or ‘Douricouli’. We spend the night in tree house (mammal’s clay lick)

tapirThis morning we get up early to go to the parrot and macaw clay lick where we can see hundreds of parrots and different species and colorful. and this activity is an hour and a half, then we will have a delicious breakfast and after our breakfast we walk around 5 hours and there we will visit giant trees, and we are also looking for some wild animals as wild peccaries, monkeys, macaws, bed, snake, and  then we return for our lunch but before we will have some free time to swim in the delightful waters of the jungle, after that we will have a delicious typical lunch in the jungle then in the afternoon we take our boat to continue our journey until we reached Manu rainforest lodge there is where we will spend the last night

We get up early for our breakfast after enjoyment we get ready for the return up the river in our motorized boat to Atalaya where our bus awaits us to return to Cusco where we will arrive in the afternoon.


  • Bus and boat-private
  • Rubber boots and rain poncho
  • All camping equipment
  • Bilingual native-Guide
  • Mineral water
  • First aid kit
  • Cook and three meals per day
  • Entrance to Reserve Ecological Manu Rainforest.
  • Entrance fee to hot springs.
  • Rain poncho


  • First breakfast
  • First water
  •  Drinks and beers
  • Personal expenses


  • Sleeping bag
  • Camera with extra battery-
  • Flashlight with extra battery
  • Binocular
  • Repellent with a minimum of 15 deeds
  • Sunscreen
  • Extra money
  • Water bottle
  • Cap or Hat
  • Bathing suit and dark clothing
  • Sandals
  • Toilet paper.